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Welcome To Eye Stopper Charters

A Premier Lake Erie Fishing Charter and Lodging Company Specializing in Walleye, Perch and Small Mouth Bass!

Eye Stopper Charters is a Full Service Fishing Charter that Operates Out of the Western Basin in Lake Erie.

We Specialize in Walleye, Perch and Smallmouth Bass Fishing.


Eye Stopper Charters is out of Wild Wings Marina in Oak Harbor, Ohio right off Lake Erie just a few minutes away from Port Clinton, Ohio the Walleye Capital of the World.  Captain Henry Gerschutz is known to be one of the nicest charter captains on Lake Erie who is a  fully licensed captain that has been fishing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie for over 44 years and knows how to get you on the fish fast. The Western Basin and the Lake Erie Island Region of Lake Erie is world renowned for its walleye fishery.


Lake Erie Walleye

Lake Erie is the worlds #1 place to fish Walleye especially in the western basin.  There are Millions of Walleye out in the lake thanks to marine biologists, adults are thriving (more trophy sizes year by year).  Needless to say we like to start early spring to get our share.  Walleye are one of the best fish to catch in the lake due to their aggressive apex tendencies.  There's no other fish on Lake Erie that puts up a fight like a Walleye and they have the teeth to prove how much of an apex predator they are.  Walleye are naturally nocturnal, the best chances to catch these monsters are during cloudy days or during night trips using emerald shiners, smelt or alewives.


Lake erie Yellow Perch Fishing

Yellow Perch have voracious feeding habits and can keep you so busy fishing you'll loose track of time in the day.  Once a school of Yellow Perch are located it's not long before your cooler starts to fill up.  If you're looking for a delicious meal Lake Erie Yellow Perch are among the best fish for flavor.  Unlike Walleye Yellow Perch are mostly active during the day except during their spawning season in early spring when they are active both day and night.  Schools usually consist of around 50 to 200 or more and disperse at night, filled with mostly younger perch.  The elders are larger and usually like to travel on their own making them a harder but more exciting catch. 


Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass are among the largest of fish populations in Lake Erie especially towards the east of the lake.  They tend to thrash and leap from the water making for one of the toughest and most exciting catches no matter the size.  Even with the name Smallmouth you'll be surprised by how big their mouths actually are, used for snatching up crayfish and other smaller fish whole.  Smallmouth Bass prefer the colder temperatures of spring and fall which makes for a great time on the lake.  Smallmouth have a delicate sweet taste and make for a great meal.

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What Our Customers Say

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Samuel Jones

7 months ago

"Amazing fishing trip! I was having trouble finding a fishing charter for a weekend getaway and I stumbled upon Eye Stopper’s and couldn’t be happier. The captain, Hank was super nice and accommodating. He’s one of the most calm and patient boat captains I’ve ever had experience with. The weather was perfect, the water was calm and the fish were biting! There were 6 of us and it’s one of the best trips we’ve ever had, we highly recommend."

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